A little bit about the system

   This is in the draft stage! More info will be added soon. Any comments or suggestions, please Contact Us.


   The Automatic Mode Select (AMS) function of the Yaesu DR-1 repeater that we have installed at this site allows for the best of both worlds.  At a time when almost all Hams have an analogue 2m handheld or base station, but not everyone has decided to try a digital system, this system allows those that have Yaesu digital radios to benefit from the advantages such as the ability to exchange more complex information and crystal clear audio – while at the same time not alienating analogue users or forcing them to commit instantly to purchasing more equipment.


   The AMS function recognises whether the incoming signal is in digital C4FM or analogue FM. The repeater then has the ability to convert the digital received signal into conventional FM which it then re-transmits.  This means that users of both analogue and digital modes can use the system at the same time. Users of analogue radios transmit and receive in FM, while System Fusion users can transmit in C4FM and receive analogue, as their radios also contain the AMS feature.


Output:    145.700 MHz

Input:        145.100 MHz

CTCSS:      71.9 Hz